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History of our school

Michigan Tech Preschool (now Woodland Hill Preschool) began in 1958 when a group of students from the Michigan College of Mining and Technology, as it was then known, joined together to form the Michigan Tech Co-operative Nursery Center. The first class had an enrollment of 42 families, a board of officers, a faculty advisor and two teachers. The first few years involved organizing the preschool's constitution and general manner of operation, which proved to be an enormous effort by the founding families and teaching staff. Many had never experienced such a venture before, and fortunately the university provided a prefab building (barracks), some outdoor play equipment, and utilities for the preschool's operation. In the fall of 1966, the preschool was invited to use the facilities at the Daniell Heights Community Center, part of the university's new married student housing apartment complex (now known as 


Graduate Student Housing). The preschool

continues in this convenient location today. In 1969, the preschool was formerly incorporated as MTU Preschool, Inc, operating four classes for children ages 3 to 5 year olds, open to all area families.


Michigan Tech Preschool (Woodland Hill Preschool) has a long and proud history of community involvement. In the early 1970's the preschool organized a Little People's Carnival, offering pony rides, games, and a petting zoo. A similar Cabin Fever Carnival is still in operation today for young members of the community to play an array games and activities. In the mid-1970s, the preschool entertained a name change to the Copper Country Co-operative Preschool in order to promote its availability to the entire community. In 2003, MTU Preschool, Inc hosted an alumni gathering for former families and teachers; five prior teachers and one parent from the very first preschool class of 1958 attended. As we proceed into the sixth decade of quality early education, the preschool continues to be interested in stories, memorabilia, and other history related to Woodland Hill Preschool. Please feel free to contact us at 487-2720.

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