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Mrs. Jarvis

Director (M/T/W/F)

Mrs. Jarvis received has a degree in Elementary Education from Northern Michigan University and is a certified K-8 teacher. She has over 20 years of teaching experience in lower Michigan as well as in Houghton/Hancock area in preschool through middle school grades.  She was a long-term substitute teacher in a kindergarten classroom at Hancock Elementary School before joining preschool in 2013.  She has  volunteered extensively working with children in Girl Scouts, gymnastics coaching and more.

"I love working with the children at Michigan Tech Preschool.

Children at this age are so curious and eager to learn and explore.

Everyday with them is an adventure! I believe in teaching children

responsibility and encouraging cooperation by giving children choices and helping them find words to express their feelings. Children in my class will experience a loving, caring environment in which they will feel comfortable to learn and play freely.”


Mrs. Odegard

Director (M-T-TH)

Mrs. Odegard has a degree in Elementary Education from St. Olaf College. She has over 14 years of experience teaching in early childhood education.  She taught in preschool through fifth grade while living in Colorado and has lived in Houghton since 2004.   She joined Michigan Tech Preschool in 2009 as a teacher, and had regularly volunteered at the preschool as a parent prior to teaching while her oldest son attended the preschool. 

  "Teaching preschool children is an amazing experience. Children of this age are quick to laugh, full of ideas, eager to learn, willing to help, and able to see the good in everything. Being around them is such a joy because they live fully in every moment.

  "Children soak up knowledge at this age, and the skills they learn at preschool will serve them for a lifetime. One of my biggest pleasures is watching preschool children interact because they learn so much from each other. They will spontaneously problem solve, use creative thinking, and are eager to use skills they have just mastered in new situations. Their emotional growth at this age is equally fascinating as they learn to look outward into the world, and into the feelings and situations of others. It is important to their development to allow them the freedom to become confident, free thinkers.

  "I am excited to be a part of my students' lives, and am dedicated to teaching them during these important developmental years."

Mrs. Storer

Assistant Teacher (W/Th/F)

Mrs. Storer earned a degree in Occupational Therapy from Boston University and has ten years of work experience with older adults. Working as a Teachers’ Assistant at Michigan Tech Preschool represents her long-standing interest in education, as she pursued college courses in art education and children’s literature. Growing up in a Navy family, Mrs. Storer spent her childhood coast to coast, in England, and Belgium. She is very proud to have raised her own family (all Michigan Tech Preschool alums!) here in the Copper Country, where they could easily explore nature and participate in so many varied activities. In her spare time, Mrs. Storer enjoys birdwatching with her husband, cooking with her family, caring for her pets, gardening, and hiking with friends.

“Michigan Tech Preschool is where my children, my husband, and I made lifelong friendships, each in our respective roles as students and parent volunteers. There is a long legacy of caring and a passion for teaching here, which I believe establishes a foundation for academic curiosity, optimism, and compassion. 

I am excited to get to know each student and support their interests through the preschool’s wonderful, play-based curriculum. As an OT looking at the span of life’s occupations, play is central to a child’s development as it is how we explore and make sense of the world. As the Preschool’s motto suggests, let’s ‘play, learn, and grow’ together!”


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